Why Fundamentals Matter

At GroundSwell Athletics, we are giving athletes an opportunity to combine ski racing and personal growth outside of skiing. This week, I want to share with you how GroundSwell Athletics started and why I think fundamental development is crucial to the success of aspiring ski racers. Five years ago, the co-founder of GroundSwell Athletics, Bob Bennett, hired me to help him accomplish a life-long dream: to be a ski racer. Bob, in his mid-forties with no background in ski racing and limited fundamental ability, was at a point in life where he had enough resources and willpower to compete with athletes less than half his age. Sound a little crazy? We’ll get to that. My new coaching gig was unde

Olympian Julia Ford explains who she is and how she is different.

My name is Julia Ford and I am a GroundSwell student athlete. My goal here is to paint a clear depiction of what ski racing and attending GroundSwell Institute is like. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t really know what I was getting into. Obviously, I had a general sense, but the concrete model wasn’t totally clear in my mind. As an 8-year US Ski Team veteran who wanted to keep racing, I knew that I also needed something that would progress my future professional endeavors and GroundSwell was the ideal opportunity. I entered my first GroundSwell class skeptically, and as I typed in the GoToMeeting code my self-doubt weighed on me. Over my 26 years I have been known as many things ranging fro

Happy New Year!!

We are launching our blog at GroundSwell Athletics!! Our blog will feature content about ski racing, and working in business, as well as a first-hand account from our current student/athletes on their experience learning our content and working with GroundSwell Institute. We will be posting blogs regularly and want to keep the information as relevant and interesting as possible. We want to discuss some of the challenges that ski racers face in the U.S. and ways that we can potentially address those challenges. We also want to show our readers how our athletes at GroundSwell are combining athletics with education and opportunity in business. The whole concept of GroundSwell Athletics is to gi

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