How does Ted Ligety think about balance?? "ski balance is achieved through . . ."

Last month, we discussed the importance of fundamentals in skill development. At GroundSwell Athletics, we teach fundamental development both in skiing and in business. This week, I am focusing on balance in skiing. If you look at the best ski racers in the world at any point in history, the one common denominator is balance. I reached out to a handful of successful World Cup coaches and athletes to find out how they think about balance. I received feedback from Ted Ligety, Dave Chodounsky, Johnathan Nordbotten, Megan McJames, and Phil McNichol. I am incredibly grateful for their thoughtful responses and want to share with you some of my questions and their answers. Is balance important? Top

Julia Ford on setting goals and time management

Each fall, serious ski racers set yearly goals. The first time I performed this ritual was at Holderness, with goals ranging from winning one race to qualifying for J2 nationals. Once I was on the national team, I made new goals. I remember sitting at Mt. Hood, setting one-year, 5-year, and career goals. I understood why my coaches pried. Accomplishing a goal took steps, but I hated when I was told ‘baby steps,’ ‘it’s a process,’ blah. And, yet, it was true. Learning new skills takes time and repetition. We set goals to keep us on track and our priorities in order, and give our work a purpose. At GroundSwell, goals were our first objective. This made sense. Starting a new adventure meant I n

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