Nyman on Tactics: ". . .how and where I will gain max speed"

“Bring shape to the gate;” “move to the apex;” “you’re pinching the line;” “you need more direction;” or, my favorite; “take it deep!” Anyone who has spent time around ski racing has heard the above comments time and time again. Tactics are critical to speed and control in ski racing. I reached out to a handful of World Cup athletes and coaches to get their perspective on tactics. What are tactics? Google: tac·tic noun plural noun: tactics 1. an action or strategy carefully planned to achieve a specific end. Marco Sullivan: “I think that everything starts with tactics. In order for a skier to perform technically well, they need to tactically put themselves in the right

Julia Ford explains how she combines ski racing with education "to create the ultimate tensegri

Everything in skiing should flow together in graceful transitions, one turn to the next. The same concept can be applied in business. GroundSwell integrates five content areas to develop a company’s tensegrity: Strategy, Organizational Development, Time Driven Financials, Inner Game, and Managing People. I love that word - tensegrity. One would think I’d picture the perfect ski turn or a business effortlessly running. Unfortunately, I see the scene in The Girl Next Door when Eli tells his buds, ‘we’re a %^&*& tripod. You kick out one of our legs, we all fall!” Tensegrity, baby. Back to the point. In October, I boarded an airplane to Austria with a conceptual understanding of the content are

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