Why Dr. Dao Got Kicked Off United Express Flight 3344

By now, most of you have probably seen the video or at least heard of Dr. Dao, the United passenger that boarded flight 3344 from Chicago O’Hare to Louisville on Sunday April 9th and was physically assaulted after he refused to get off the flight. Pretty brutal indeed. The incident created a media frenzy around what happened to Dr. Dao, how United’s CEO Oscar Munoz did a complete about-face on the incident, and how United’s stock value plummeted nearly $1.4 billion after the incident (1). But why did it happen? Can you explain the root cause of the incident? Enter GroundSwell Institute and our content . One of the key areas we teach and study at GroundSwell Institute is Organizational Develo

Why Julia embraces her nickname “S*&% Show,”

Ever since I was kid, weird things happen to me. I don’t say this as a complaint, more a fact. Weird being, at my first Europa Cup, I lost my lift ticket. I found it in the bottom of my ski boot I’d been wearing all day. The weird part is, my boots were on before I got the ticket. I skied around ducking turnstiles and borrowing tickets. These incidents had the Us Ski Team coaches crown me “S*&% Show,” a nickname that took me years to escape. Joining Groundswell has proven no exception to my curse. This blog is dedicated to those moments. In one of the first classes, we were told, in a business, anything that could go wrong, at some point, will. We were learning accounting and the analogy cho

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