Bridger Clifford

Date Enrolled: July 2017

Age: 23

Current Ski Team: Retired

Skiing Accomplishments: Park City Ski Team, WRJC Overall Super-G Champion, Friends with several professional skiers.

Current Level of Education:

 B.S. in Communication and Minor in Business from The University of Utah, Graduated May 2017.


Why are you attending GroundSwell Institute: "I want to increase my skills so that I am well versed in many different areas of business instead of just very good at one aspect. Groundswell allows me to improve my business skills and apply them to real world opportunities."


Explain your experience working through GroundSwell’s content and how (if) you can apply what you have learned so far:

"Groundswell has continued to increase my knowledge of business by using a tensegrity model, which helps tie every aspect of a business together. You typically won’t find this framework at a traditional University and it is very influential in developing and growing businesses. The content has been very applicable to my everyday life and has helped grow my skills to have a more successful career."

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