Tanner Farrow

Date Enrolled: June 2018


Age: 25


Current Ski Team: GroundSwell Athletics

Ski Racing Accomplishments: 5-year US Ski Team Member, 2 world junior teams, NCAA champion for the University of Denver.

Current Level of Education: Senior at the University of Denver

Why are you attending GroundSwell Institute:

"I am attending GroundSwell Institute for a number of reasons. As a 25-year-old, I have expired my NCAA eligibility which has left me with few options to continue ski racing. GroundSwell reached out to me with a well-organized and compelling opportunity that I could not pass up. The team currently consists of two athletes and a private coach, Cody Marshall

I spend 10+ hours per week working first-hand with Bob Bennett, a very smart and successful business man who has spent the last several decades specializing in private equity.  GroundSwell provides its students the tools, resources, and networks to launch a successful business career while allowing many of its students to continue competing in sports around the world. Not only does this platform provide security by broadening opportunities post ski career, but it also offers the potential to build substantial wealth while I continue to compete."

Explain your experience working through GroundSwell’s content and how (if) you can apply what you have learned so far: 

"Working through GroundSwell’s content is unlike any other schooling I have experienced in my 20 years of education. Rather than 40-slide PowerPoints and hypothetical situations, like the majority of my university classes, GroundSwell’s real-life, scenario-based learning has proved beneficial for numerous reasons. First of all, in presenting the content, we use real companies that GroundSwell has shown interest in acquisition. In this way, the classroom is more of a think-tank in which Bob and Cody guide the discussion. Our five areas of content are used for due diligence, consulting, and organizational development. Each content area works symbiotically with one another making it easy to connect the dots and expedite the learning curve. Meanwhile, each student is creating the deliverables for each content area for a real company of his or her choice. With several of these companies hiring GroundSwell fellows to generate the deliverables under the guidance of Bob. Long story short, the motivation comes easy when what are you doing has measurable and profitable value."

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