Julia Ford

Date Enrolled: September 2016


Age:  26

Current Ski Team: Redneck Racing 

Ski Racing Accomplishments: 2-time DH National Champion, Member of the 2014 Sochi Olympic Team, 8 year member of the US Ski Team

Current Level of Education: Graduate of Holderness (High-school), Sporadic College course credits at Westminster.

Why are you attending GroundSwell Institute: 

"I am attending GroundSwell Institute because I wanted to continue ski racing while doing something that was helping me develop a skill set for when I was done ski racing. I wanted something that stimulated my mind so I wasn’t strictly focused on Ski racing 24 hours a day.
Having skiing be my main focus, I needed something that fit my traveling lifestyle. GroundSwell enables me to have skiing be my main focus, compete the level I want to compete at, and have a unique learning experience that will prepare me for retirement and entering the workforce." 


Explain your experience working through GroundSwell’s content and how (if) you can apply what you have learned so far: 

"My experience with GroundSwell, so far, has proven the versatility GroundSwell provides. I have attended class in cafes, Mcdonalds, Europe, New Hampshire, Vermont, and now Colorado. The content has been extensive but practical. It has been an adjustment to be a ‘student’ again but it helps that it is scenario based learning. It is not a matter of passing or failing, it is a matter of knowing the content so well you can actually talk about it to a business owner. 
Surprisingly, what we are learning has corresponded with a lot of my real life experiences. Bob makes it relatable by comparing it to something in skiing. And, everything seems to boil down to a couple key factors. So far, GroundSwell has been every I wanted. It is a lot of work but I feel a great sense of reward once mastering an area of content."

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