Kevin Francis

Date Enrolled:  April 2017

Age: 35

Current Ski Team:  Retired

Skiing Accomplishments:

-7 years US Ski Team

-US National Champion (Super-G)

-33rd Kitzbuehel Downhill


Current Level of Education:

Bachelor of Arts Dartmouth College


Why are you attending GroundSwell Institute:

I’ve always been interested in Business but Dartmouth didn’t offer Undergraduate Business courses.  I looked at getting a Business degree at MSU but decided it would require too many low-level, pre-requisites before I could take the classes I was interested in, plus 4 years of my time before I graduated.  Even after graduation, there was no guarantee that I would be able to start my own business or work with a business at the level I’m looking for.  Groundswell solved these problems in an easy to attend/accomplish format.

Explain your experience working through GroundSwell’s content and how (if) you can apply what you have learned so far:

It has been a direct, no gimmicks approach to learning how businesses work and how to build successful organizations.  I’ve used the process to build a Strategic Plan for the Montana State Ski Team while learning how to apply the concepts to actual businesses Groundswell is working with. 

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