Ryan Donovan

Date Enrolled: April 2017

Age: 32

Current Ski Team: Soul Shredder- Girdwood,AK

Skiing Accomplishments: Six years alpine coaching experience at Alyeska; former summer ski camp owner at White Circus Ski Camp; NCAA Ski Team Western State College; Rowmark Ski Academy; Mt. Hood Academy.

Current Level of Education:

 Bachelors Finance, Westminster College SLC,UT  2008-10.

                                    Western State Colorado University, 2006-2008


Why are you attending GroundSwell Institute: "I am thinking differently, and that is exciting!" 


Explain your experience working through GroundSwell’s content and how (if) you can apply what you have learned so far:

"GroundSwell’s content is very immersive and has already been applicable to my daily life."

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