Happy New Year!!

We are launching our blog at GroundSwell Athletics!! Our blog will feature content about ski racing, and working in business, as well as a first-hand account from our current student/athletes on their experience learning our content and working with GroundSwell Institute.

We will be posting blogs regularly and want to keep the information as relevant and interesting as possible. We want to discuss some of the challenges that ski racers face in the U.S. and ways that we can potentially address those challenges. We also want to show our readers how our athletes at GroundSwell are combining athletics with education and opportunity in business.

The whole concept of GroundSwell Athletics is to give athletes more options to continue to pursue sports at a high level while dealing with some of the pressures that go along with that.

We know that the development and advancement of your career in (and out of) sports takes time, resources, and patience. I spent 6 years as a post graduate ski racer before I qualified for the U.S. Ski Team. I went on to have a successful World Cup career before retiring in 2009. During my ski racing career I was fortunate enough to be able to benefit from a very supportive community who helped me realize my dream of competing at the pinnacle of my sport. I also have parents who could see the value in the pursuit of my dream and were willing to allow me to continue down that path while my peers were following a more traditional path. At GroundSwell, we don’t think athletes, or parents, should be forced to make that decision. Why can’t you go down both paths at the same time?

Once my career in sports was over I made the transition to coaching ski racing and giving back to the sport. I recognize that as a country we face a number of challenges that prevent us from developing a deep national ski team that can consistently produce competitive athletes on the world stage. I know that having a consistently competitive national team is cyclical by nature and that it is a challenging task for any nation. I also know that there are a lot of ways to interpret our challenges and even more ideas on how to best solve them. I want to hear them all.

At GroundSwell Athletics, it is our goal to address some of the challenges that athletes face and to provide more options for athletes to pursue sports at a high level. We are not primarily focused on developing World Cup skiers, or increasing the number of skiers from the U.S. who compete for NCAA teams (skiers from the U.S. are actually a minority on NCAA competition teams). We are focused on giving all athletes more options to continue to pursue sports, at any level, while also having access to higher level education and career development opportunities.

Please follow along with our blogs and get involved. You can subscribe, leave a comment, or email me directly at cody@groundswellinc.com. I would love to hear feedback and thoughts from all our readers out there.


Cody Marshall

GroundSwell Athletics Program Director



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